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5 Reasons to Start Wakesurfing This Summer

Wakesurfing is fast growing in popularity in Hong Kong, and if you haven’t tried it before, this summer is the perfect time to dip your toes in this exciting water sport. In a city where far too many of us are glued to our computer screens during the workweek, wakesurfing offers an amazing opportunity to get active outdoors, hang with friends, and try something completely new out of your comfort zone. Here are five reasons to dive into wakesurfing.

1. Easy Learning Curve

Many of us fantasize about hanging ten, but our enthusiasm can quickly fizzle out after wiping out one too many times on a surfboard. Wakesurfing’s low-impact nature makes it appealing for beginners, cutting out much of the hard work that surfing entails: paddling, popping up in a wave and fighting a strong ocean current. Standing up is a fair bit easier in wakesurfing; in fact, many beginners will be able to ride behind the boat after just a few tries, and with perseverance and practice, you’ll be carving up those waves like a pro in no time.

2. A Safer Sport For Beginners

While surfing relies on the natural motion of the ocean, wakesurfing is practiced in calm waters behind boat-made waves. And while the former can be a risky, high-intensity sport—requiring more advanced skills such as being able to read the wave and paddle against the current—wakesurfing is much more accessible for beginners. While safety is always top priority, calmer waters and solid boat-made wakes lend room for trying out tricks without the fear of painful falls.

3. Less Work, More Reward

Sometimes referred to as the “lazy man’s surfing”, wakesurfing lets you experience the thrill of riding a never-ending wave without the exhaustion of battling large ocean swells. With the boat carving a steady wake in the water, you can ride for a lot longer—minutes versus seconds—and get right back to it after a fall, rather than having to wait for the next big wave.

4. Master Tricks Like a Pro

While suited to beginners, wakesurfing is by no means a boring, low-key sport. As you improve your strength, speed and agility, you can ride out larger wakes and start to learn more advanced skills: from high jumps to 360s, ripping turns and cutting a sweet curve. Whether you’ve been wakesurfing for days or years, there’s always a new trick or manuever to master.

5. Flexibility and Freedom

Many wakesurfers will tell you that there’s nothing like the exhilaration of riding a wave, untethered to boat or board. Ride at your own pace, go big or small—the choice is yours. Without fear of hard falls, you can progress at your own pace, carving up and down the wave, pulling off all sorts of tricks and even riding tandem with a surfing buddy. With the flexibility of wakesurfing, you don’t need to live near the ocean to enjoy this sport—just head to your nearest lake, jump on a board and have fun with it!


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