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Who We Are?

About Goofy Waves Watersports Club & Academy

Founded in November 2020, Goofy Waves is Hong Kong’s new premier destination for water sports. Offering the city’s only dedicated school for wakesurfing, our services include a variety of one-on-one instruction, group classes, summer camps, boat rentals and an array of dockside lifestyle experience like sunset cruise, campfire night or outdoor movie at a beach to name a few. At Goofy Waves Academy, we offer classes led by professional instructors and tailored to meet individual skill levels, Goofy Waves offers a fun, safe and professional learning experience for everyone from the novice to the avid water sports enthusiast, encouraging all to experience the thrill of riding the perfect wave. We are passionate about promoting and growing the local wake sports scene, which starts with making the sport accessible for all through a suite of seamless, professional services: from easy booking system to team of licensed instructors and superb fleet of best-in-class boats. Currently using the latest AXIS A24 and Nautique G23 & G25, plus collaborating with the Hong Kong Waterski Association, and sponsoring the Hong Kong Youth Wakeboard and Wakesurf team for at least 4 hours of training with each discipline. These youth teams are regularly trained by the Hong Kong National Team riders and with an ambition to compete in world-class competitions. The clubhouse is also second to none in the city. With 8000 sq.ft and it’s private docking pier and parking facility. It is really an escape from the city jungle. Ground training equipment like; trampoline, swimming pool, gym room, different types of balance boards and multi-function room to get the riders in shape and beginners to practice. When designing the Clubhouse, our designer emphasised in promising a chill and relaxing environment for customers to enjoy the tranquility moment by the sea. Make sure you check out the touches of carbon fibre material used in different areas to avoid seawater oxidation.


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184 Main Collins Street Victoria 8007
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