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Founded in 2021, Goofy Waves is Hong Kong’s premier destination for water sports. Offering the city’s only dedicated school for wakesurfing, our services include a variety of one-on-one instruction, group classes, summer camps, boat rentals and more. With classes led by professional instructors and tailored to meet individual skill levels, Goofy Waves offers a fun, safe and professional learning experience for everyone from the novice to the avid water sports enthusiast, encouraging all to experience the thrill of riding the perfect wave.

We are passionate about promoting and growing the local wakesurfing scene, which starts with making the sport accessible for all through a suite of seamless, professional services: from our easy booking system to team of licensed instructors and superb fleet of best-in-class boats. Whether it’s our summer camps for kids or corporate team building events, we prioritize safety first, with our qualified coaches offering step-by-step instruction to get you wakesurfing like a pro in no time!


Make a splash with WaveRide, designed for everyone passionate about all things surfing.

184 Main Collins Street Victoria 8007
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